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About Book

In this hilariously frank account of his life, Jack Dee finally reveals what turned a once optimistic young man into this grumpy middle-aged git. It's a side-splitting journey that takes him from a first gig as a ventriloquist's dummy, to working in an artificial leg factory and delivering incontinence pads for the NHS, before he finally ends up on stage at the Comedy Store. Along the way, Jack shares his laugh-out-loud views on everything from the 'overrated moon landing' to boutique hotels, personal trainers and 'people who hold their cutlery the wrong way'.

Outrageous, absurd, and full of surprises, this is Jack Dee at his funniest.

'Just as funny and grumpy as the great man himself' Heat
'Painfully funny and moving' Mail on Sunday
'Nice short chapters, lots of great jokes.' John O'Farrell, Daily Mirror

About Jack Dee

Jack Dee is a stand-up comedian who has been performing one-man shows and making television programmes for over twenty years. Recently he co-wrote and starred in the hit sitcom Lead Balloon for BBC2. He lives in London with his wife, Jane, four children and two short-haired...
Oh, look, it's all in the book so why don't you just read that instead?